Thursday, May 15, 2008

Entry for top ten influential blogs

It's my first time to join and nominate blogs for a writing project by Ms. Janet.

My top 10 are :
  1. Blissfully domestic - because you see everything you need to make life easily.

  2. Creative Curio - To show the meaning of every Color and good combination.

  3. Filipino Voices

  4. The Life of a Railroader - all about working on the railroad & how it affect the family

  5. Puzzled Me

  6. ask Michael Curry Now - to learn more about the marketing success.

  7. The Wisdom Journal - Regarding the Life , Money ,Business especially the credit card

  8. Mrs.Micah - to organize your finances to get control

  9. Anak ni kulapo

  10. dantouremoto2010


Nicholas Kister said...

Thank you for nominating FilipinoVoices. The writers, bloggers, and contributors appreciate the nod and vote of confidence.

We also have a writing project of our own which I hope you can join. Lots of prizes too!


Richard Macalintal said... may try to visit my blog. see if it suits your qualifications. i just started it last week of april and i have growing number of readers....

Aspiring Entrepreneur said...

Check my blog too. It's all about investments, entrepreneurship, personal finance, money management, and business. It features articles on stories of entrepreneurs and my own journey towards achieving financial freedom. Hope you include my blog. :-) said...

Hello Gilda. This is to mark your entry as complete.

I hope you can attend the August 11 eyeball and look forward in seeing you again. Thank you for supporting this writing project.