Thursday, May 15, 2008

Entry for top ten influential blogs

It's my first time to join and nominate blogs for a writing project by Ms. Janet.

My top 10 are :
  1. Blissfully domestic - because you see everything you need to make life easily.

  2. Creative Curio - To show the meaning of every Color and good combination.

  3. Filipino Voices

  4. The Life of a Railroader - all about working on the railroad & how it affect the family

  5. Puzzled Me

  6. ask Michael Curry Now - to learn more about the marketing success.

  7. The Wisdom Journal - Regarding the Life , Money ,Business especially the credit card

  8. Mrs.Micah - to organize your finances to get control

  9. Anak ni kulapo

  10. dantouremoto2010